Project Description

Lixiviation Valley (Huaraz, Peru)


Before & After


  • The customer is a multinational mining company specializing in gold mining, with its base located in Canada, needed to expand Lixiviation Valley, for ore rich in gold to be ionized with solution. Waterproofing is essential for its proper collection without losses during the process.


  • Need to connect the existing lixiviation valley with the new one. (Existing Lixiviation Valley is waterproofed with HDPE Geomembrane)
  • Waterproofing with HDPE Geomembrane in almost vertical slopes.


  • The LLDPE Geomembrane was installed as waterproofing liner, thickness 2mm. Places where is difficult to compact or flatten with clay to protect the Geomembrane(vertical slopes), the mixture of bentonite was applied to the slope.
  • Between the existing Liner (Phase 4)  and new Liner (Phase 5), a TIE-IN method was used to merge both liners.


  • Project success without any incidents.
Date Location Type of Work Used Products Installed Surfaces Time of Installation Client
2006 Huaraz , Peru Waterproofing, Lixiviation Valley HDPE Geomembran, GCL, HDPE Pipes 400,500 m2 300 días



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