Project Description

Polyurea (Jáchal, San Juan )


Before & After


  • A multinational mining company, with its industrial plant located in Jachal, San Juan. Due to international legislation, the floor of the process plant, must have a waterproof coating, to avoid polutions caused by chemical agents such as cyanide, acids etc.


  • In the process plant, the existing coating presents wear, breakage and detachment, and loses its waterproofing purpuse. The client seeks a long-term solution, since the existing coverage, continuous repairs are needed and is a permanent investment of money.


  • The application of polyurea, and top coat is suggested. It has the advantage of a durable coverage, as well as U.V rays and pollutants.
  • In the sectors where transit forklifts, a reinforcement of polyurea was applied, to avoid the detachment of the same by the mechanical movements produced.


  • The successful waterproofing, at the time of application, the client was able to start up his plant on the same day.
Date Location Type of Job Used products Installed Surface Time of Instalation Client
2018 Gualcamayo , San Juan Polyurea Polyurea 1,500 m2 20 days



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