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Channel (Cinco Saltos, Bs. As. )


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Canal de 5 Saltos, Rio Negro

Canal de 5 Saltos, Rio Negro
The infrastructure will waterproof  channel, this will improve the irrigation area located from Cinco Saltos to Contralmirante Cordero. This job will make it possible to avoid losses of water due to the infiltration. The work consists in the readjustment of the construction section by means of cleaning, removal of obstructions, then continues with lining on slopes with both concret or Geomembrans, in a stretch of 2026 meters.

These tasks will be carried out in three sections from the progressive 14,829 km downstream. Once the work on the first section is completed, work will continue on section II between the progressive 15,726 to 16,369, located on the bridge at Blumetti Street, of a length of 643 meters, and finally, section III between the Progressive 17,189 at 18,055, this one of 866 meters.

Date Location Type of Job Used Products Installed Surface Time of Installation Province
2015 5 Saltos Channel HDPE Geomembrane 75,000 m2 90 days Rio Negro



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