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Anaerobic Reactor (Balcarce, Bs. As.)


Before and After


  • A multinational company, with its industrial plant located in Balcarce, Province of Buenos Aires. It processes thousands of tons of potatoes each day, transforming raw material (potatoes), giving added value to its final product, for later commercialization. Produces a large amount of effluents with high content of organic loads, its treatment is crucial for environmental care.


  • The organic effluent produced by the plant produces a negative effect on the environment. It can generate methane that is released directly into the atmosphere, and it is a greenhouse gas more powerful than CO2


  • In order to convert organic content to methane, it has been excavated and subsequently waterproofed. Once the waterproofing work is completed. A floating roof was built, placing it at the level of the effluent, covering the entire surface of the pool, producing an anaerobic environment, favorable for the generation of biogas.


  • The plant produces 11,000m3 of biogas per day. They are used for boilers that generate steam for plant operation.
Date Location Type of Work Used Products Installed Surfaces Installation Duration Client
2001 Balcarce , Buenos Aires, Argentina Impermeabilización, Biodigestor, Geomembrana HDPE, Caños HDPE, Planta de Biogás. 10,500 m2 60 días


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