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Oxidation Ditch (Magdalena, Bs. As. )


Before and After


  • A multinational company, with its industrial plant located in Magdalena, Buenos Aires. It processes instant coffee, giving added value to its final product, for its subsequent national and international commercialization. Produces a large amount of effluents with high content of organic matters, its treatment is crucial for environment


  • The oxidation ditch is made with concrete, with the passage of time, several cracks were produced on the walls, the possibilities of effluents filtration to the soil is high. The waterproofing for this oxidation ditch is crucial to protect the soil.


  • To prevent the filtration of organic effluent into the soil, it was proposed to place HDPE geomembrane with its respective fixing system, which has an almost zero permeability coefficient, and resist U.V lightning effect in the interperie.


  • A successful waterproofing solution, client has it in operation, and plans to replicate the same solution for another oxidation ditch that is in parallel.
Date Location Type of Work Used Products Installed Surface Time of Installation Cliente
2018 Magdalena , Buenos Aires, Argentina Prooofing HDPE Geomembrane 2,500 m2 45 days


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