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Biogas Plant (Caneloes, Uruguay )


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  • A multinational meat processing company, with its industrial plant located in Canelones, Uruguay. By day, it slaughters important quantities of cattle, which will be consumed internally and exported to the international market. It produces a large amount of effluents with high content of organic loads, its treatment is crucial for environment.


  • Amount of effluent with so much organic load, the direct discharge can be very harmful to the river , for that reason, its treatment before pouring into the river is imperative.
  • The treatment cost of the effluent is high, and during its treatment, it also generates a large amount of methane, which is released into the atmosphere.
  • Methane is a greenhouse gas 10 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, which contributes very importantly to global warming. Its retention and utilization is adviced during effluent treatment.


  • To be able to contain the methane release and re-use of this biogas, SIGSA proposed the following: A series of pools, each one fulfills a specific function, from Anaerobic , Biodigestor to Aerobic treatment pool, also includ a biogas burning plant, to take advantage of produced methane.


Project success, client can treat effluent with high organic load, at the same time, they are able to decrease dependence on natural gas, where the cost of operation decreased considerably.

Date Location Type of Job Used Products Installed surface Time of Installation Customer
2015 Caneloes, Uruguay Waterproof, Biodigester, Biogas Plant HDPE/LLDPE Geomembrane , HDPE pipes, Geotextile 20,500 m2 90 days



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